The administration of the City’s business shall be in the hands of the City Manager.

(Code 1982; C.O. No. 20-15)

The Commission shall, whenever by virtue of a vacancy in the Office of City Manager it becomes necessary, appoint a Manager who shall be responsible for the administration of all of the affairs of the City and hold office at the pleasure of the Board.  The City Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of administrative ability and the choice shall not be limited by any residence qualifications at the time of appointment.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 12-1010:12-1012; C.O. No. 20-15)

The City Manager shall receive a salary to be fixed by the Commission and shall give surety bond at the expense of the City for the faithful performance of his duties in such amount as may be provided by Section 2-503.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 12-1013)

The City Manager shall be responsible for the administration of all of the affairs of the City.  S/He shall see that the laws and ordinances are enforced.  S/He shall appoint and remove all heads of departments and all subordinate officers and employees of the City.  All such appointments shall be made upon merit and fitness alone.  S/He shall be responsible for the discipline of all appointive officers, and may, without notice, cause the affairs of any Department or the conduct of any officer or employee to be examined.  S/He shall prepare and submit the annual budget to the Board of Commissioners and also keep it advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City.  S/He may make recommendations to the Commissioners on all matters concerning the welfare of the city and shall have a seat, but no vote, in all of the public meetings of the Board of Commissioners.  S/He shall perform such other and further duties as may be required by law or ordinance.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 12-1014)

The City shall establish a deferred compensation plan for full-time employees, officers and the City Manager, and authorize the Mayor to execute the deferred compensation plan with the International City Management Association Retirement Corporation.  The City Manager, City Clerk or Director of Human Resources Officer may, on behalf of the City, execute all joinder agreements with all eligible employees, officers and City Manager, which are necessary for such persons’ participation in the plan, except that any joinder agreement for such designated official shall be executed by the Mayor.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 75-5529a; see also 2-201 et seq.)

The City hereby exempts itself from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-5040, an act of the legislature which is not uniformly applicable to cities generally.

(C.O. No. 11; K.S.A. 12-5040)