A.    The following Administrative Departments of the City are established:

1.    Department of Fire.

2.    Department of General Government and Finance.

3.    Department of Human Resources.

4.    Department of Information Technology.

5.    Department of Community Development.

6.    Department of Police.

7.    Department of Public Works.

8.    Department of Utilities.

9.    Auditorium.

B.    The Departments shall consist of such City officers and employees and such other persons as may be appointed by the City Manager.  All such City officers and employees shall be subject to the direction of the City Manager.

(K.S.A. 12-1015; K.S.A. 75-4301a et seq.; see also 2-112; Code 2015)

The City Manager shall have the following administrative duties and powers:

A.    The City Manager shall prepare a personnel rules and regulations manual which shall prescribe and set all conditions of employment.  The personnel rules and regulations manual shall become effective when approved by the Commission.

B.    The City Manager may appoint one person to perform the duties of two or more offices, and the duties of such offices shall not be incompatible with the laws of the State.  The City Manager may temporarily perform the duties of any officer during the absence of such officer or when a vacancy exists, s/he may temporarily assign the duties of any such office to any qualified officer.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 75-4301a et seq.; see also Ch. 5)

A.    The officers of the City shall be: City Manager, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Director of Finance, Director of Public Works, Director of Utilities, Director of Human Resources, Director of Information Technology, Director of Community Development, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, and such other officers as the Board of Commissioners may deem necessary.

B.    All appointments shall be made upon merit and fitness alone and shall not be limited by any residency qualification at the time of appointment.  As full time employees, City officers shall reside within Franklin County within six (6) months of such appointment.  The City Manager shall reside within the City Limits.

(See also 2-201; Code 2015)