A.    It shall be the duty of the City Clerk to provide the Form of Notice required by this article.  A notice required by this article shall be filed with the City Clerk.  A notice form shall be compiled by the City Clerk, shall comply with K.S.A. 12-105b(d), and shall be approved by the City Attorney.  Further, the notice must state:

1.    The name and address of the claimant and the claimant’s attorney.

2.    Statements of the factual basis of the claim, including date, time, place and circumstances of the event.

3.    Name and address of any involved public employee or official known to the claimant;

4.    A statement of the nature and extent of injuries suffered; and

5.    The amount of monetary damages sought.

B.    Once the claim is filed with the City Clerk, the City, through the City Manager, shall have one hundred twenty (120) days to approve, in whole or in part, the claim presented to the City.  If the City does not act within one hundred twenty (120) days, then the claim shall be deemed denied.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 12-105b(d); K.S.A. 12-105a, 12-105b)