Each member of the Board of Commissioners shall receive the annual sum of one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200.00) the same to be payable quarterly with the first pay period in January, April, July, and October of each year.

(K.S.A. 12-1010; K.S.A. 12-1013, 12-1023; Code 2015)

The City Manager or his/her designee shall prepare an employee position classification plan in which all employee positions will be classified by title or grade specifying the duties to be performed by each employee within each classification, except those employees designated by the City Manager to be unclassified.  The City Manager shall, at the time of preparing the annual city budget, establish schedules for the compensation of all employees deemed to be required by each department for the budget year.  The schedule shall be submitted to the commission for its approval.  When the schedules have been approved, such schedules shall govern the compensation of all employees classified there under.  The personnel record of each such employee shall show the current title or grade of employment and the rate of compensation; provided, that the schedule for compensation of employees as prepared for the budget and approved by the Board of Commissioners may be amended or changed from time to time during the budget year by the Board of Commissioners.  The City Manager or his/her designee shall each two weeks cause to be prepared payrolls in accordance with the scheduled rate of compensation for all employees.  Each Department Head shall certify the payroll for the members of his or her department. The Director of Finance shall draw the necessary warrant or warrant-check in the regular manner for payment of the payroll.

(Code 1982)

The City Manager or his/her designee is authorized to reimburse or pay suitable allowances to any City officer or employee for any authorized expenses incurred by him or her on behalf of the City or for the use of his or her own vehicle or equipment in performing his or her duties.  Such sums shall be claimed and allowed as other City claims are paid.

(Code 1982)