The City Clerk or any other officer or employee of the City charged with the custody of having the following records, documents or other papers may, subject to the provisions of Section 2-903, destroy such records, documents or other papers after they have been on file for the period stated:

A.    Claims (and the purchase orders attached thereto) presented and allowed by the Board of Commissioners or the Board, Commission, Department, Bureau or Officer authorized to allow such claims, 15 years.

B.    Warrants or warrant-checks, whether originals or duplicates that have been stamped or marked paid as provided by law, five years.

C.    Duplicates of receipts or stubs of receipts issued, five years.

D.    Duplicates of utility bills sent to customers, five years.

E.    Bookkeeping or accounting records of utility customers’ accounts, five years, except that the period for the records of deposits to guarantee the payment of bills or the return of meters shall begin when the account is closed or the customer ceases to receive service.

F.    Duplicates or stubs of licenses issued for license fees or occupational taxes, five years.

G.    Bonds of officials, officers or employees, 15 years, the period to begin at the date of the termination of the term of employment.

H.    Insurance policies, five years, the period to begin at the expiration of the policy unless a rate case is pending.

I.     Canceled checks, five years.

J.     Requisitions and duplicate purchase orders, five years.

K.    Bonds and coupons stamped paid or canceled and returned by the State Fiscal Agent, five years, the period to begin at the date of maturity of the bond or coupon.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 45-403; K.S.A. 45-401 et seq.)

Nothing in Section 2-901 shall be deemed to apply to records, documents or papers not specifically mentioned nor to authorize the destruction of records, documents or papers which in their nature should be preserved permanently, nor to prohibit destruction of records, documents or papers obviously of only temporary value after a reasonable time.

(Code 1982)

Before destroying any records, papers or documents specifically mentioned in this division, the City Clerk or other officer charged with the custody of such records, papers or documents shall present the question of the advisability of ordering such destruction to the City Manager.  The City Manager shall present his recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for its action thereon.  The City Clerk shall keep suitable minutes of any such matter before the Commission describing the records, documents and papers to be destroyed and a record of the final destruction.

(Code 1982)

The Commission may cause any or all records, documents or papers to be photographed, micro photographed or reproduced on film.  Such photographic procedure shall comply with the minimum standards of quality approved for permanent photographic records by the National Bureau of Standards and the device used to reproduce such records on such film shall be one which accurately reproduces the original thereof in all details.

(Code 1982; K.S.A. 45-412)

Whenever photographs, microphotographs or reproductions on films shall be placed in conveniently accessible files and provisions made for preserving, examining and using such photographs, microphotographs or reproductions on films, the Custodial Officer may, with the recommendation of the City Manager and approval of the Commission, cause the originals from which the photographs or microphotographs have been made or any part thereof to be deposited in a safe place if such originals are of permanent value or destroyed if not of permanent value.

(Code 1982)