The purpose of this Article is to ensure the safety of all persons, or businesses within the city limits of Ottawa from any damage or harm that could be sustained during the move of any structure or oversize weight load.

(Code 2015)

Any person or firm wishing to move any structure or oversize/weight load within or through the City of Ottawa that affects city utilities or other city services must first apply for a permit from the Community Development Department of the City of Ottawa. Each application shall state that the person or firm making the move shall be responsible for reimbursing the city for the city’s expenses in assisting with the move, and said person or firm agrees to reimburse the City of such expenses. Such expenses shall include, but not be limited to, the costs of cutting utility service to the building or raising limes at intersections, restoring utility lines at the site thereafter, wages, use of equipment, police escorts, or escorts by public works employees.

(Code 2015)

The person or firm making the move must provide the Community Development Department:

A.    A completed application.

B.    Proof that liability insurance has been purchased to cover all claims, liabilities or lawsuits that may arise out of or be associated with the move and that identifies and holds the city harmless from all such claims, liabilities or lawsuits.

C.    The applicant will need to provide the desired route and an alternative route.

D.    The applicant will need to submit the application and fees to allow ten (10) business days to received approval prior to intended move date. Should the application not be approved within the time requested due to an incomplete application or problems with the requested routes, an addition five (5) business days’ notice will required after the permit application has been approved.

(Code 2015)

A.    Estimation Fee: At the time of application an estimation fee must be paid. This fee is nonrefundable, regardless of whether the move is completed or not.

1     Estimation fee for moving an oversize/weight within the city is $150.00.

2     Estimation fee for moving an oversize/weight through the city is $200.00.

B.    Police Department: The Ottawa Police Department charges a minimum of $120.00 per police officer for the first four (4) hours. Additional time is charged at $30.00 per hour per officer. Requests for assistance requires five (5) days’ notice for police department assistance.

C.    A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. If a cancellation notice is not received you will be required to pay the full estimate for the day plus the costs incurred during later move dates.

D.    Other: Other expenses that may be incurred could be but not limited to the costs of removing and replacing of signs, wages, use of equipment, and if the move takes longer that estimated, and any other necessary expenses related directly to this move.

Permit Fee: Cost for the permit is as follows:

1.    Moving of any structure is $50.00.

2.    Moving of any oversize I weight load is $100.00.

(Code 2015)

The permit must be obtained prior to the moving the structure and all applicable fees must be paid at the time of permit issuance.

(Code 2015)